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Congratulations on your role as Director of Environmental Services!

My organization has been working with EVS teams for over 30 years now, and we have seen a number of consistencies among the top performers. Here are 4 tips that could help you succeed…

1. Set Goals with Your Supervisors

Encourage each of your supervisors to be out on the floors, interacting with staff and addressing issues promptly. These interactions can often be “teaching moments” where they guide staff and ensure high-quality work. Aim for each supervisor to complete at least one detailed cleanliness inspection per day.

Action Item: Ensure supervisors are completing a minimum of one inspection per day each.


2. Track and Review Service Requests

Set up a system to log all service requests, detailing who made the request, the issue, resolution, and time taken. You can use a phone message pad or electronic tools, but you should look for issues and hot spots. Review these logs weekly with your team to spot trends and improve performance.

Action Item: Review service request logs weekly with your team.


3. Lead by Example

Make time to walk the floors daily; pick up trash and address individual housekeepers as you go. This sets a powerful example for your team. If you show that every detail matters to you, your staff will follow your example. This approach builds a motivated, high-performing team.

Action Item: Walk the floors daily, address issues on the spot.


4.  Communicate with Upper Management

Figure out how your management prefers to receive information; emails, face-to-face meetings, or presentations. Use clear, concise updates to highlight your team’s successes and challenges, building trust and securing the support you need.

Action Item: Prepare a weekly summary for upper management using a consistent layout from week to week.


What We Do

Stephen Walsh founded Walsh Integrated Inc. in 1992. Walsh’s technology is used in hospitals around the world, improving performance in their EVS, Infection Control, Safety departments, and more. For example, Walsh QA Inspector is the industry-leading cleanliness inspection program, alongside Walsh Fluorescent Plus and Walsh ATP Central for all your EVS inspection needs.

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