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How it Works

Collecting and Using Your Data

When using Walsh apps on tablets, smartphones, or computers, your inspections become effortless. The data you collect is instantly transformed into useful information to empower your decisions.


Walsh apps are easy to use on any tablet, desktop computer, or smartphone. During setup, you can choose to customize our industry-leading checklists or import your own. Even after you finish an inspection, it’s easy to go back to edit your findings and add photos and notes. 

  • Dead spots are no longer an issue, inspect anywhere in offline mode. 
  • Customize checklist response type, scores and question weight to suit your needs.



Your Daily Dashboard shows you what you need on one screen. View individual performance, monitor trends, and ensure your people are on-task.



Walsh products feature top-notch reporting. Choose from dozens of templates and filter to track trends and monitor compliance. Export reports as Excel, PDF, or Word files. 

  • Choose from dozens of different filters to drill-down and see exactly how your team performs. 
  • We take data security seriously, all of your data is stored on a secure Cloud server to keep it safe. 
  • Get any report to auto-run and email to you on your schedule. 


Email Follow-ups and Tasks

Walsh provides automatic email notifications of follow-ups and tasks, allowing your team to act on issues while they are hot. All the pertinent information is stored in one place and accessible directly from that email.  

  • Automatically send follow-up emails and escalate issues as required.
  • Responsible parties will be reminded of pending tasks and upcoming due dates.  


Auto-Run Reports

Why not receive your weekly performance report 20 minutes before your weekly meeting? Configure any report to be auto-run and distributed on your schedule.


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