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Below is a sample of articles written by us or about us, over the past years.

Hospital Waste Abatement and Handling Methods

Regulated medical waste (RMW) poses direct risks to those who produce, handle, and dispose of it. Not only is RMW dangerous, it is up to 20 times more expensive to dispose of than regular waste. Over the last 14 months, BFI Medical Waste Systems has...

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Why Have an Outside Company Handle Hospital Waste?

Waste Management no longer means just trash hauling. There is a new breed of professionals in healthcare helping hospitals manage their waste. Names for these companies include Environmental Service Providers, Red Bag Consultants, and Waste Management...

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Technology drives waste reduction

Changing attitudes to the way hospital waste is disposed of is a huge task. Tracking and reporting incidences of incorrect waste disposal will not only set this process in motion, but also lower the rate of such incidences and reduce costs. Healthcare...

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