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  • Cleaning QA inspections …

  • Environment of Care rounds …

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Walsh QA Inspector

Automate cleaning inspections and reporting.

Keeping your hospital or clinic clean is a complex management task; Walsh’s QA Inspector can help. Our technology allows you to improve cleaning performance and patient satisfaction within your current budget.

Walsh Rounds Tracker

Follow-ups … what a huge pain.

Notifying someone of a deficiency, following up by phone or email and repeating until something happens is an incredibly time consuming and frustrating task. Walsh Rounds Tracker automates the entire follow up process, logging every step and delivering useful reports … and lots more.

Walsh Mobile Survey Solution

Now you can solve a problem before it affects your HCAHPS scores.

How would you like to get your Patient Satisfaction results right away, while you can still do something for that patient? Walsh Mobile Survey solution delivers those results and reports within seconds of finishing a survey.

World leaders in healthcare have chosen Walsh for their QA and Rounds automation.

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