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Housekeeper Task

Management System

Automate your Housekeeper’s Workflow

Walsh’s Housekeeper Task Management System (HKTMS) puts the power of automation into your housekeepers’ hands.

Better understand what your staff is actually accomplishing.


Using their smartphone or tablet, they will log start time, check off each item cleaned, and end time, notifying you automatically when a room is clean and ready for use. Now you can inspect that room’s cleanliness before it is re-occupied.

View your dashboard to see how long any room required, or the number of rooms cleaned per shift, for each housekeeper.

Monitor staff performance from a distance; whether in another building, campus, or city. Get photographic proof that the room was cleaned properly and completely, useful for proof of performance. Provide detailed instructions, procedures, and standards for cleaning every item in every room type and cleaning type.

Run reports detailing which supervisors are managing effectively by looking at their team’s performance and how many rooms they are inspecting. You can see overall performance trends, and more, in real time, or over any period.

Checklists Available Now:








Special Projects



What you get:


Housekeepers use checklists that are specific to the room type and cleaning type.


Supervisors and managers are notified instantly when a room is complete, allowing them to inspect it while it is still clean.


Get powerful insights into performance of housekeepers, supervisors, and managers; cleanliness scores, cleaning times, rooms cleaned per shift, workflow, and more.


View detailed results by task, area, individual housekeeper, and more.


Use HKTMS as the basis for effective scheduling and managing your entire staff.


Access reports instantly to print, email, or auto-run.

The Role of EVS in Hospitals


  • Manage every aspect of your program yourself
  • Add and remove people and locations as needed.
  • Easily customize your checklists, standards, procedures and more
  • Create and manage assignments and quotas
  • Identify areas for improvement and provide targeted training
  • Improve the perception of cleanliness as guests and patients see your team using technology, demonstrating your comprehensive approach to quality

Administrative Features

  • Easily customize your checklists. Add standards, procedures and more.
  • Create and manage detailed assignments
  • Update your database of locations and personnel yourself, or we can help.

Walsh HKTMS is one module in our integrated system of checklists, questionnaires, and tests.

Real people with real success!

When I booked a Demo, Walsh was able to show me exactly how they would be able to help me.

We looked at reports, and discussed some of the feature that I cared about.

I was able to quickly understand that this was something that we needed. 

Six years later, we are still using Walsh's solutions.

Melinda Bussard

PI Specialist, Western Maryland Health System

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