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Walsh Integrated has been the trusted choice for countless US and Canadian healthcare facilities since 1992. Focused on improving performance of non-clinical services, we have created an array of solutions and services to meet healthcare’s distinct needs.

If you maintain cleanliness, work with laundry or pest control, meet accreditation standards like The Joint Commission and DNV, then Walsh’s solutions can work for you. 


VA Medical Centers

With over 20 years of experience working with VAMCs, Walsh empowers VA EMS teams in Housekeeping, Pest Management, Grounds, and Laundry. Seamlessly manage staff and tasks across buildings, campuses, or states. Ensure clean rooms, high quality laundry, pest-free environments, and well-maintained grounds using Walsh’s technology. Join dozens of satisfied VAMCs using automation and accountability. 


MEDCOM: Army Medical Command

Introducing the Walsh-MEDCOM QA: Essential for those in the MEDCOM network. If you outsource cleaning, focus only on inspections, and evaluate Cleaning Types I to VI daily, our MEDCOM solution is tailored for you. With features like custom checklists, instant reporting, and  automated reminders, Walsh ensures precise communication, swift issue resolution, and enhanced contractor responsiveness. Join the ranks of Walsh-MEDCOM users. 


K-12 Education

In the competitive education sector, your school’s image and operations significantly impact opinions. Walsh’s Quality Platform offers a holistic solution, guaranteeing excellent facilities, grounds, food service, and more. Walsh’s technology provides real-time insights through automation, checklists, and surveys, enhancing safety and efficiency for top-tier education environments. 



In a competitive environment, the appearance and operation of your hotel or restaurant significantly impacts customer decisions and loyalty. Walsh’s Quality Platform ensures excellence in cleanliness, food service, grounds, and more. Custom checklists and surveys are accessible via phone or tablet for real-time assessments. Data-driven insights improve resource allocation and cleaning strategies. Immediate customer feedback aids issue resolution. Walsh tracks quality and tasks, promoting staff accountability. 

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