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My vision: “Deliver the highest level of cleanliness to our patients, their families, and staff.”

When I took on the role of Director of EVS, the QA inspections were pen-and-paper, when they were done.

Following intensive product research, I was impressed by the automation and reporting capabilities of Walsh’s QA Inspector.

As I was new to the facility, changing the mindset of my supervisors was critical to improving our cleaning performance. Walsh’s trainers came on-site for 3 days and were instrumental in not just explaining the software but helping me institute lasting change.


  • My supervisors use the system continuously, and correctly.
  • I access all my reports from my phone and can share them instantly.
  • I am more confident in my decisions about my people because if have data that I trust.
  • I work with my Trainer to focus on issues that Walsh QA Inspector has identified
  • Our hospital is cleaner than ever

I am very proud that my entire EVS Team is seen as the professionals that they really are. Walsh’s technology and support have been key to our ongoing success.

Evan C.

Director of EVS, Community Hospital, Florida

Our free QA software was anything but free!

We realized that the cleaning QA software we had been given was not cutting it; the price was low, but the cost was high. The system was time-consuming to use and poorly supported, and we needed to rework all the reports constantly.

The Walsh team put together a detailed proposal for Walsh QA Inspector that I presented to my VP. I was able to demonstrate that Walsh’s cost was actually a smart investment; we would save a lot of time and improve our cleaning and performance.

We renew every year because of the value that Walsh delivers.

Ayesha K.

EVS Manager, Pediatric Hospital, Georgia

I needed to improve performance and provide regular reports.

The Joint Commission paid us a surprise visit, and unfortunately, there were multiple findings. This drove us to dramatically improve our EOC rounding process.

We chose Walsh Rounds Tracker for many reasons, including the automated follow-ups that track issues to completion, plus the  fact that the entire EOC team was comfortable with Walsh’s technology.

We have since improved our Customer Satisfaction scores and the next time the Joint Commission visits, I am confident that they will be impressed.

Natasha M.

Director of Safety, Acute Care Hospital, Texas

Walsh is more of a partner than a vendor

We have a number of Walsh solutions supporting our different service areas; Walsh QA Inspector, HKTMS (Housekeeping Task Management System), Walsh Pest Manager, and Walsh Laundry Quality. These all function as part of a single platform.

One of the problems i have experienced with other vendors is that they are good at selling software, but not great at implementation and support. Walsh is proactive and invests constantly in my facility and my staff.

Walsh’s Customer Service Team supports all my people from Housekeepers to my Assistant Director. They actually answer the helpline and call back to follow up.

Today, whether I speak with the President or one of their engineers, the Walsh team is focused on understanding and solving my problems, not simply selling me software.

Walsh has earned our trust over the past 4 years and is more of a partner than a vendor.

Clifford H.

Chief of EMS, VA Medical Center, Florida.

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