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We raised the bar on front-line accountability.

Within the first 9 months, we noticeably improved sanitation. It gave me and my entire EMS team the credibility we were after. Our team members see that we are following up on their work and the hospital is much cleaner. Our patient satisfaction scores have gone up because patients see us doing rounds all the time and they really appreciate that we care.

Valentino Pacheco

EMS Assistant Chief, VA New Mexico Health Care System

The JC and other regulatory agencies like to see us using QA Inspector.

Walsh’s QA Inspector is well worth the investment. It has allowed us to achieve a consistent inspection process that is completely mobile, which means it’s easily accessible by everyone involved. We’re much more organized as a result, and getting away from all that paper is an added bonus. We can now pinpoint issues in a way not possible before.

Gabe Ceperich

Director, Memorial Medical Center

At a glance, you have all the employees’ sanitation scores.

We love these iPads and feel they have moved us forward with technology. We now easily maintain good records on our inspections: who we inspected, when, what rooms or areas we inspected and very importantly, what was not inspected. These records are very helpful for showing senior stakeholders exactly what we have been doing.

Thomas Gray

Supervisor EMS, Baltimore VA Medical Center

The app is very easy to navigate and we use it every day.

My favorite part of the system is the reporting. It’s easy to customize and create reports that suit our needs. QA Inspector has helped our performance by giving us the ability to observe, document and report on anything we need for the EVS department. This drives Customer Satisfaction and in the end, our bottom line satisfaction.

Labina Shrestha

EVS Education Specialist, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

We are meeting both our regulatory and insurance requirements.

Walsh Rounds Tracker is a huge time saver, has reduced costs and helped us to improve our performance. The checklists are easy to customize, they work the way we want, and everything is trackable in real-time. Failed inspection items are actually being followed up on; we can see the progress. Today our facility is safer.

Sakhonh Kheuamun

Director of Security, Hebrew Senior Life

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