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Bring your Fluorescent Marking Inspections to the Next Level

We know that visual inspections are the backbone of any QA program. Maybe you use ATP testing as well.

Fluorescent UV marking materials

Did you know that marking items with invisible fluorescent gel is an inexpensive and effective way to confirm that each item was properly cleaned?

With Walsh Fluorescent Plus, you use any fluorescent pen or gel to invisibly mark various items in the room before cleaning begins. If the mark is still there after the room is complete, then that particular item was not cleaned.

This helps you to ensure that your staff are cleaning the items you want, while it tells them that you are closely checking their work.

A key feature of Walsh’s Fluorescent Plus is that you are automatically reminded to return to a room and check the precise items that you marked in that room.

In addition, our reporting system will automatically consolidate each of your different inspection types (fluorescent marking, ATP, and Visual) into cohesive, easy to understand reports.


Choose the system that is best for you!

What you get:


Record the items you are marking on your phone or tablet.


Get a reminder to return to that room to reinspect those items.


Create a follow-up if needed


Add photos, notes, and signatures


Download Walsh checklists or customize your own. View a dashboard with all your details


Create schedules and quotas


Access reports instantly to print, email, or autorun.


View data by score, staff, shift, and more.


  • Easily customize your checklists, standards, procedures and more
  • Create and manage assignments
  • Automatically generate and share reports

Walsh Fluorescent Plus is one module in our integrated system of checklists, questionnaires, and tests.

Real people with real success!

When I booked a Demo, Walsh was able to show me exactly how they would be able to help me.

We looked at reports, and discussed some of the feature that I cared about.

I was able to quickly understand that this was something that we needed. 

Six years later, we are still using Walsh's solutions.

Melinda Bussard

PI Specialist, Western Maryland Health System

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