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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walsh run on Apple and Android devices?

Yes! Our apps run seamlessly on any desktop or mobile device; Apple, Android, or Windows.

Can I purchase tablets through Walsh?

Sure. We provide any mobile devices you need; Apple and Android, tablets and phones. Then we configure, deliver and provide a replacement warranty for those devices. 

Do we need dedicated hardware or can we run Walsh apps on devices we already have?

Use what you have. Our Apps run on any hardware, no need for dedicated equipment.

How involved does my IT department need to be?

Not at all. There are virtually no IT requirements on your side; no software to install. You simply need access to Wi-Fi.

I have a few Wi-Fi dead spots. What happens in those locations?

Nothing changes. All Walsh’s apps run perfectly off-line; you can perform any survey, questionnaire or inspection online or off.

Are there reports available?

Absolutely. We have dozens of reports that each provide a different view or insight into your data; performance, audit, problem, almost anything you can imagine. Plus, you can automate any report to update and hit your in-box when you need it. On-screen, pdf, Word or Excel, you have every option you might want.

Can you integrate with our existing work order software?

Yes, of course! We already integrate with numerous work order systems, just let us know what you need.

Let us show you!

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