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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Walsh’s applications.

What mobile devices and operating systems do you support?

You can install our mobile apps in either Apple or Android tablets. We currently support: iOS 6.x+ and Android 3.2+.

We don’t have any mobile devices in our organization. How can you help us?

We can provide any mobile devices you require for an additional charge: either Apple or Android tablets. This is helpful to many organizations, as you’re able to contract both hardware and software from one supplier. Our hardware configuration package includes setup, testing, hardware support, pass-through warranty and membership to our trade up program.

I already have my own device. How does Walsh support ‘BYOD’?

Walsh supports BYOD – “Bring Your Own Device” – on Apple or Android hardware. Just download the app from the iTunes or Google Play store and get going.

Do I need to get my IT department involved if I'm interested in Walsh’s solutions?

There are virtually no IT requirements from our end. Walsh’s cloud services allow you to manage all your completed checklists, follow ups, due dates and more from any computer with internet access: no software to install or special requirements from your IT department. If you have a particular question or concern, please contact us with the details at info@walshintegrated.com.

I don’t always have an internet connection in my facility. Can I still use Walsh’s solutions?

All of Walsh’s solutions are native device apps, not simply a web page. This means that you download the fully functioning app onto your device with all your data, and you can perform any survey, questionnaire or inspection without web access. You only require a wireless connection when you are ready to sync data or update your database.

What do reports look like?

We have many different report types for each of our products. Contact us for a demonstration to show you our full suite of reports.

We use a work order software at our facility. Can this be integrated with your software?

Yes, of course! To help our clients work more efficiently, we have integrated with many work order systems. Contact us to discuss our integration offerings.

Still need help? Let us know!

We’re here to help you. For any other questions, send us an email at info@walshintegrated.com or give us a call at 1 (800) 925-7460.

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