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Automate your Linen Quality Program

Track and manage the quality of your linen.

Stop sending stained and torn linen to your end users.

Have you ever had a stained sheet rejected just as it was going onto the bed, or worse, no one noticed until it was too late? How often has a towel been thrown into the trash by nursing but your inventory was not updated? What about a set of scrubs that were rejected, only to be processed and returned without solving the problem?

Whether you clean your laundry in-house, or contract to an outside vendor, when unusable linen gets to your end user your entire service suffers.

Walsh’s Linen Quality Tracker is a system that allows you to prevent unusable linen from getting to your end user while tracking causes, inventory, costs, and efficiency.

How it works


  • We install special hampers in nursing units, locker rooms, or any other place that linen is used.

  • Inservice all staff to segregate unusable items into these bins.

  • Those bags make their way to your linen handling area where it is sorted.

  • All info is recorded by your staff on an iPad.

  • These items are sent for disposal/recycling, wash/stain wash, or repairs.

  • Instantly you will see

    • Information is then displayed by issue, source, disposition, cost, item, and more
    • trends in staining or other issues allowing you to adjust processes appropriately
    • live changes in inventory levels, allowing you to re-stock before a crisis
    • Accurate costs allowing better budgeting

Save money

  • Avoid reprocessing and re-distributing trash items
  • Don’t pay your vendor for unusable linen
  • Back-bill external laundry suppliers for unusable inventory
  • Remove unusable linen from the wash delivery cycle
  • No longer purchase items that wear out quickly

Your patients and staff will receive better quality linen Using Walsh Linen Quality Tracker tells you where every item goes, and why.

Closeup of hospital beds in a row

What you get:


Record data on any phone or tablet


Record item details, source, issues found, and more


Add photos and notes


Reports and graphs are instantly available for print and email, or you can program them to auto-run and send out on a schedule.

Walsh Linen Quality Tracker is one module in our integrated system of checklists, questionnaires, and tests.

Real people with real success!

When I booked a Demo, Walsh was able to show me exactly how they would be able to help me.

We looked at reports, and discussed some of the feature that I cared about.

I was able to quickly understand that this was something that we needed. 

Six years later, we are still using Walsh's solutions.

Melinda Bussard

PI Specialist, Western Maryland Health System

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