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Patient Satisfaction Insights

Why Wait for Client Feedback?

Go Get it Today.

Have you ever been frustrated by some patient’s feedback or client’s complaint?

If you could have heard that complaint or request immediately, could you have corrected it before it became a problem.

Walsh Patient Satisfaction Insights is a powerful system that allows you to find out what your customers and patients want, in real time.

You will be instantly notified of the request or complaint and can act on it immediately.

Load any Survey or questionnaire into the Walsh app and get going today.

  • Retail stores
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Hospitals, long term care

These interactions with your customer, patient, or their family will be recorded on your phone, and the feedback can trigger automated actions or create a specific workflow.

All your results appear in reports and dashboards, giving you powerful insights:

  • Is there a cluster of housekeeping complaints recurring on the same floor?
  • Are the same housekeepers or supervisors involved?

Given Walsh’s unique architecture, your data from unrelated surveys can be rolled up into consolidated reports providing new and eyeopening insights.

What you get:


Download surveys, use them as is, edit them, or build your own


Perform surveys from any phone or tablet


Record details, with photos, notes, and signatures.


Create tasks or follow-ups with due dates and automatically send reminders


Manage schedules and quotas


Works online and offline


See live feedback in your dashboard


Access reports instantly to print, email, or autorun

Checklists Available Now:


Veteran 365




Patient experience


Get well Network




  • Manage every aspect of your program yourself
  • Easily customize your surveys and workflows
  • Create and manage assignments and quotas

Improve the perception of your team as Guests and patients see them using technology, demonstrating your comprehensive approach to quality!

Walsh Satisfaction Insights is one module in our integrated system of checklists, questionnaires, and tests.

Real people with real success!

When I booked a Demo, Walsh was able to show me exactly how they would be able to help me.

We looked at reports, and discussed some of the feature that I cared about.

I was able to quickly understand that this was something that we needed. 

Six years later, we are still using Walsh's solutions.

Melinda Bussard

PI Specialist, Western Maryland Health System

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