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Manage hospital performance and improve patient safety.

Walsh Rounds Tracker allows you to better manage the complexity of Environment of Care rounds.
Each member of your team will have their own custom checklist on their tablet or phone. Their findings are automatically uploaded to a secure server where they are integrated into a single reporting and follow-up stream.
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Automate your entire rounds process, see instant and accurate results.

How will Rounds Tracker benefit you?

Team reporting, compiled automatically.

Has this ever happened? Your team finishes rounds and then scatters. Everyone promises to edit and submit their notes. Three weeks later, you’re still waiting for someone’s information. But you survive. You get it done.

How about a system that instantly and automatically collates the results from everyone who performed rounds?

Walsh Rounds Tracker automatically sorts everyone’s results into the reports you need: audit, trending, deficiency, performance and more.

Designed for healthcare professionals.

We've been working closely with healthcare professionals for years, crafting and improving the Walsh Rounds Tracker technology. We hope you agree that these features provide new and powerful benefits to you, your organization and your patients.

Look at some features below.

Auditing? Inspections?

  • Your checklists on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Take photos that are linked to findings.
  • Reference regulations and standards.
  • Instantly create work orders.
  • Follow-ups are precisely logged and managed.
  • Assign tasks and due dates.
  • Email reminders sent automatically.
  • Responsible parties can close open issues independently.
  • Integrate with various CMS work order systems.

Reporting and management:

  • Accurate reports in an instant.
  • Detailed and insightful graphs.
  • Sorted by specialty or as a team.
  • Easy to edit findings.
  • Customized emails and reminders.
  • Manage follow ups and due dates.
  • History log of all activities.

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