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Deliver a cleaner, safer environment every day.

This easy to use system helps improve quality and cleanliness, reduce rework and improve customer satisfaction.

Walsh QA Inspector allows you to easily track and manage your entire QA program. You will access all of your checklists including locations, people, items, standards and procedures right from your tablet or smartphone.

Download the QA Inspector brochure.

Identify the root cause of problems.

Data is useless if it doesn’t tell a story. Our suite of reports gives you dozens of storylines, each providing unique insights and conclusions.

Performance reports, score reports, frequency of deficiency, work not done, ATP scores and more.

Filter by date, location, housekeeper, inspector, supervisor, checklist …

On your mobile devices:

  • Record inspections quickly and easily.
  • Take photos that are linked to findings.
  • Add notes to any findings.
  • Log all ATP & Gel testing scores.
  • Create work requests.
  • Assign tasks and due dates.
  • Follow up open issues to completion.
  • Offline mode; internet access NOT required while inspecting.

On the web portal:

  • Print email and export reports.
  • Produce graphs and charts.
  • Automatically send email notifications.
  • Assign tasks and due dates.
  • Follow up and close out issues.
  • Configure checklists and items.
  • Create predefined notes for repeated use.
  • Access library of industry standards and procedures.

Do you have 100% wireless coverage 100% of the time?

If yes, then you are one of the lucky few. Most facilities have grey and dead zones. Think about those places in your facility with little or no connectivity. Most competitors’ products simply stop working when they lose their internet connection. Not so with Walsh… Our solutions are real apps, meaning that they continue to work when you need them, even when the internet quits.

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