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Get the job done right every time, but watch your costs.

Whether you manage a dozen people in one town or thousands of staff scattered over various cities, Walsh technology will help you collect better information and make better decisions.

  • Walsh QA Inspector is an automated inspection management system which will help keep you on top of quality, no matter where your teams are working or when.

  • Mobile Survey Solution is a surveying platform delivering powerful insights into customer satisfaction, employee knowledge and much more.
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Building Service Contractors work in a price competitive, yet quality sensitive world.

Leverage Walsh’s mobile technology to stay ahead of your competition and keep your customers happy.

Walsh QA Inspector

Isn’t it a pain to find out about a cleaning task that needs to be re-done right after the crew has left?

With Walsh QA Inspector your checklists will be available on any phone or tablet for any supervisor.
You will see results instantly … while you can still do something about it.

Walsh Mobile Survey Solution

Surveys have a limited shelf life. If you don’t act on them promptly you can lose a valuable opportunity. Mobile Survey Solution delivers all your insights instantly to your email. Easy to use and powerful.

Client satisfaction, employee knowledge and much more.

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