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Walsh Quality Ecosystem

Making your quality Automatic.

Walsh’s Quality Ecosystem lets you create custom Quality Management apps for individual specialties from a single data warehouse. With shared reference data, performance and outcomes can now be analyzed by looking at multiple QA sources at the same time. Our Business Intelligence Engine uncovers correlations that were not previously visible because it layers ratings and outcomes from multiple data streams, in the same space and time.

  • All technology hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud
  • 99% availability 24/7
  • SQL Database w. elastic pools provides extra resources under peak loads
  • Data encryption ensures security and reliability
  • Compliant with international regulatory and industry standards
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) Model
  • Web-based apps – IE, Chrome, Safari
  • Full offline functionality guarantees performance without connectivity
  • MS .Net MVC Framework
  • Wizards UI for complete self-management and setup
  • Customizable validation rules manage users input
  • Automated email notifications wit SMTP
  • Leverage tools including Electronic Signature, Camera, GPS, etc.
  • Autonomous tools provide hands off On-Boarding, management, reporting, and customization.
  • Claims-Based Authentication Control
  • Support for multiple languages and character sets
  • Complies with:
    • Local and national privacy Laws
    • HIPAA data standards
    • Security Standards
  • Standard and custom reports
  • Automated data publishing to regulatory and industry interfaces
  • Fragmented data unified in a single enterprise view
  • Walsh Business Intelligence Suite
    • Visualization tools
    • Single truth verification
    • Industry specialty marts
  • Real time vs historical data.
  • Fully secure
  • Enterprise reporting, interactive dashboards, ad hoc analysis, multi-dimensional OLAP, scorecards, what-if scenario analysis, and predictive analytics
  • Push notifications automatically via email and SMS
  • Tracks issues to completion with escalation rules